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30 May 2008


A 3D animated "samurai" view of meditation on how we can perceive to address our "little" problems into tranquil soundings.

Animation by: Hanjin Song
Music by: Kimdongryul
Produced at: Ringling School of Art & Design - department of Computer Animation
Faculty Advisor: Ed Gavin

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I loved it. It is soooo true. Through meditation we can handle almost everything. Thank you for this wonderful well done 3D animated video. Annick Elziere (France)

Fantastic! Very well produced!

I have come here alot. And I have had a chance to think about these videos. THis one for example, reminds me of a typical American attitude towards meditation. Why do I say that? Because for one thing, everything is compressed into a few moments. I mean if anyone meditates, he or she has endured alot of flies, either physical ones or mental ones, long before they achieved a meditative state. So this sense of frustration would not occur to one who haa already achieved the powers of mind that this guy has. And the exaggerated reaction, just like an American, just like me, my wife says. The powers of concentration which he had to sever the fly in half, would be focused on denying the fly in the first place.

So, While I think this artist is on to something, I think he has lost his focus. He is the one swatting at flies, maybe illusive ones about fame and self? He imagines the fly becomes transformed into the flower on the wall or the petal of the blossom. What he originally believed was not what it later seemed, illusions discovered only after he reached exhaustion, maybe so in a Hollywood kind of way. Additionally the final scene does not occur even in the mind of the meditative expert/veteran, or at least so says D. T. Suzuki who was acknowledged in Japan as a kind of Master capable of leading others to the same state. All those spring petals and such....I suppose the artist has to show this kind of scene as a kind of requirement. Funny.

Back again.
My wife says I am too critical, as usual, she's probably right.
1) This video is alot better than all the stuff I see advertised on Utube on the Google homepage. Though there are some nice Utube videos.

2) I don't know what is in the mind of this artist. I can only imagine what I would do if I were making a video on this topic.

3) This video did take a certain amount of technical skill, as I have messed around with Flash in trying to make some animation. This person is alot better than I want to be. So it is easy on the eyes.

4) His work is very useful as a point of discussion. We can either treat it seriously or as a piece of entertaining fluff; or maybe a combination of the two? serious fluff? fluffly serious?

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