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20 January 2007

Kerry Ann

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[amazon cover B00005YXW7] In the hustle and bustle of London lives a young woman named Kerry-Ann. On the outside she's just as bubbly and energetic as the city she lives in. An actress by calling, one of her appearances is a curious role in PlayStation's THE GETAWAY.

Kerry-Ann's accessible nature shines through in her humor and humility. In this piece she reveals a little bit of her calm, spiritual side and talks about the things that inspire and ground her.

Directed & Edited by: Ryan Haidarian
Written by: Leyla Haidarian
Produced by: Ryan & Leyla Haidarian
Executive Produced by: Naysan Naraqi
"Battlefields" by Matu
Beats by Benny Cassette

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I liked the subtle nature of the finished product. The interview set up the spiritual side last. That was well done. and modestly stated but pausing in the editing for us to focus on what she is saying. So, I say, "Well done."

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