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6 July 2008

The Fudus

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"Birds of a feather should flock together" is what many people think - even when they profess to be open-minded and progressive. This too, is what many people thought of Hailey and Malibongwe, when they were getting married. Can this work? Different colors, different races, different cultures?

The Fudus and their gorgeous babies with their Persio-Arabic names, Tajalli & Dayyan, managed to melt the hearts of even the toughest of skeptics, proving that theirs is a bond deeper and truer than those of most other marriages. The Fudus share a culture that all humans have in common: the spiritual one.

A Film by - Leyla & Ryan Haidarian

"Exegesis" & "Time Machine" by DR ATOMIC

"Folk Rift"

"Happy People"
by AMAL MA'ANI from the cd SHAMAL

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Wonderful indeed! The Husband's comment hoping that his beloved children will realise that their purpose in life is to be of service to humanity, shows the depth of his soul and the impact the Baha'i Teachings have had on him.

May God continue to bless this wonderful family and may their lives inspire others to live a life of peace, love and harmony in this sad world we inhabit.

hari madray

Yay Fudus!
Yay Grandpa for being there!
A Great example of the power of Love!

Much love from our family to yours...this is a beautiful story about you guys.
Karen, Emeric, and Ma'ani


Thozi and Patsy

Hailey, i talked to you at an Assistant's meeting in LA before you went to South Africa; and I was so happy for you; you are a wonderful couple, and i don't know if you remember me, esther detally, bill detally, but i rejoice in your union and your happiness; children and husband awesome!

esther detally

Enjoy watching your films Ryan and Leyla.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story of unity and love, and its power to transform hearts.
From another cross-cultural (Afro and Euro-American) family,
Bill and Margene Willis (married 28 years)
South Carolina

Hi Hailey,
It was great to see how you and your beautiful family are doing. Please give Malibo our love. I shared your video with some of the people at UCSC and the Baha'is in the county. Hey guess what! Leo and Latrice are getting married on 8/8/08 in Santa Cruz.
We would love to see you and your family on a visit to the States.
your friends,
Chela & Pat

Beautiful! Carry on. We have been together for 45 years. My wife is ANA ~AfroNativeAmerican ~ and I am white. We have three children and two granddaughters. We, like you all, I'm sure, know of many other human marriages.
I remember, in the late '60's, seeing a bi-racial couple with 5
children in a cafe. Judging by their ages, they must have come together in the late 40's or early 50's. I recall thinking of how much they probably suffered because of their union.
The point is: we all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Let us not forget them.

Teach and love, always

Paul Vaughn, Marietta, GA. USA
A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

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