The Evolution of Woman

From slave to servant
Added: Friday, 1 February 2008

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These last two weeks have been extremely depressing for me. It all
began with an email from an organization that helps women in Afghanistan and Iran. It described the urgency of the plight of women in the region some of whom sell their bodies and those of their daughters in order to survive. Then I got an update from my friend Arezo, who's been living and working in Afghanistan. Her affirmation of the horrible details was really disheartening. Finally catastrophe struck at home. A colleague of mine told me that in her daughter's school 10-13 year-olds are having sex. The most shocking detail was that a group of girls had been saving pocket money, which was designated for movie-going. They had then awarded this money to the girl who slept with the most guys. Evidently these girls were not getting their sense of nobility, worth and love at home, so they were looking for that affirmation in the wrong places. To top it all off I heard a psychologist on the radio talking about the AIDS among young children and she said, "But sex is their right after all". She must have been confusing rights with responsibilities. And people like her are accredited psychologists.

Cover imageCheck out the movie Idiocracy for a humorous prognosis of our future.

In one of my last blogs I spoke about our thoughts being our reality. Obviously we believe we are worthless, exchangeable and disposable. For a human being who believes they were created noble with a sense of purpose in this life wouldn't treat themselves like this.

What is happening to us women? And I'm not only talking to women in the Middle-East or in developing, third world countries. I'm talking about those "role models" on Western TV. Let's see, do women in episodic television represent noble, dignified women with a sense of higher purpose? The only thing that's changed since the 60s when women were objectified on screen is that they're now aware of it, that they objectify themselves deliberately and believe that by playing with men the way men play with them – they have gained any sort of credibility or power.

We're either completely covered, or half naked; we're either subservient to men or their playthings. We're either oppressed or degraded under the guise of being "sexually liberated". We're either the slaves of men or radically feminist, emulating men and beating them at their own immaturity, ruthlessness and aggression.

I've met few women who are real ladies. Women with feminine attributes who radiate their spiritual qualities on the outside without undermining their dignity; women who are so refined in character, so strong and gentle, that they could but have very special men by their side. Of some I've made films: Layli Miller and Karyn Robarts ... I am blessed to know more and I'll continue to feature women like that. But if there is anyone listening to me at the other end of the tunnel: teach your children to value and love themselves, to understand themselves as the perfect and unique creation that they are; teach them to protect themselves, their bodies, their emotions, their souls and to nurture their nobility so they can be unique servants of mankind.

A servant in the Baha'i understanding is the highest state one can reach. It is someone who is striving to be refined in character, someone who loves themselves as a creation of God but is free from ego and 'self', from insecurities and prejudices. It is someone who consciously works with the aim of contributing to the advancement of world civilization. Slavery is thinking you're 'free' but being a slave to your passions, desires, your self, to society, its standards and to patterns of creed and behaviour you've always known and from which you're too weak to break lose. A servant is the polar opposite of a slave in the Baha'i understanding. But slaves we are still for the most part.

Here is some inspiration from the Hidden Words
O SON OF SPIRIT! I created thee rich, why dost thou bring thyself down to poverty? Noble I made thee, wherewith dost thou abase thyself? Out of the essence of knowledge I gave thee being, why seekest thou enlightenment from anyone beside Me? Out of the clay of love I molded thee, how dost thou busy thyself with another? Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful and self-subsisting.

O SON OF THE WONDROUS VISION! I have breathed within thee a breath of My own Spirit, that thou mayest be My lover. Why hast thou forsaken Me and sought a beloved other than Me?

O SON OF BEING! Thy heart is My home; sanctify it for My descent. Thy spirit is My place of revelation; cleanse it for My manifestation.

O SON OF MAN! Veiled in My immemorial being and in the ancient eternity of My essence, I knew My love for thee; therefore I created thee, have engraved on thee Mine image and revealed to thee My beauty.

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