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11 August 2007

Baha'i Faith - A Way Forward

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A documentary about the Baha'i Faith that focuses on faith in action: "Let deeds not words be your adorning" (Baha'u'llah). This documentary profiles the lives of three South African Baha'is from different social and racial backgrounds who each exemplify at least one principle of the Baha'i Faith in action: These principles include: the equality of women and men, the education of (girl) children and the elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty. A look at the lifestyles and daily choices of these featured Baha'is reveals that the Baha'i faith offers practical solutions to today's global problems. Some of these specific solutions are portrayed first hand as we follow our protagonists who live out their faith through their various careers and pastimes. In short, BAHA'I FAITH, A WAY FORWARD shows how faith can transcend the murmur of prayers and syllables and can translate into concrete steps that promote global unity and prosperity.

A film by: Leyla & Ryan Haidarian
Produced by: Race Productions
Music by: Amal Ma'ani

Iraj Abedian, Karin & Nadya Abedian, Tania Atam, Philip Dexter, Nomakhwezi Fudu, Isgaac Gallow, Yasmin Gallow, Walied Jassat, Eunice Mabaso, Tahirih Matthee, Nolunto Ngcwabe, Luvuyo Nomvete, Sue Podger, Natalie Ann Powell

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i'm interesting on the video title A WAY FORWARD if you can make copy in DVD and let me know the price.

because i want to have some bahai film to show when i'm organising a fire.

i'm a Bahai living in vanuatu Port Vila.

my email address is Mariek@ifira.com.vu

with bahai love

Marie Lop

The two buttons to the right of the video player - "Amazon buy" and CreateSpace buy" are both links to places you can purchase the DVD from.

incredible video, plz upload it in youtube so everyone can enjoy it.

Unfortunately youtube has a time limit on the videos you can upload - it can't be longer than 10 minutes, but you can find the video on google video, but the best bet is to use the email this video button below to share the video with your friends.

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