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Added: Saturday, 16 August 2008

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After I did my German v-blog about Mastering the Human Instrument on Youtube, where I likened our diversity to the notes of a piano that can be played uniquely and beautifully but in harmony rather than cacophony, I got an interesting comment. The comment said something like this:

"So what – now we need a dictator or even a God to play us? Because the piano won't play itself! No thank you. I'd rather exercise my freedom to sound as I please".


Although I'd like to visualize the symphony being conducted by a loving musician rather than a hostile 'dictator', he raises an interesting question. Is it better to sound like a symphony and be 'confined' by the limits of the music or is it better to sound like aimless noise, yet be able to decide when and how we sound? Because we do, after all, need a common denominator, a 'set of notes' in order to have unity in diversity.
Which brings me to the theme of the day: freedom! The glorious thing we so celebrate in the West. It is what's set us apart from those horrible places, where they have censorship and oppression. But what is real freedom?

Many Youtubers, for example, believe that they can post any nastiness they please under my videos and they seem to interpret this as 'freedom'. They have nothing to say about the content of my videoblogs, because I'm happy to publish comments that disagree with me. Instead, they just list profanities with no aim or purpose. These comments I do not necessarily publish. Censorship? Maybe. But if the freedom of these people begins to jeopardize my freedom, it's my right to do so, I think.

This theme is obviously related to my blog about 'sovereignty': What is the meaning of freedom (or sovereignty) when that freedom jeopardizes other people's freedoms?

If you really deepen on the theme of freedom, you find that borders and limits are a huge part of freedom. Those who think they are truly free because they can say anything they want the way they want to, or can do as they please with others, soon find, that they have actually enslaved themselves. They are enslaved by their egos. True freedom lies in being free from self and passion.

If any politician in this world exercises his freedom and that freedom robs the freedom of his own people or that of the people of other nation's, then what is the meaning of his freedom?

Coming back to the comment, although I have a problem with the totalitarian view of a dictator that my viewer expresses, I agree with him that we need a common denominator. We need to know when to sound and when to be silent. We need to know where our limits are in order that everyone can celebrate their freedom. We need to free ourselves from our "selves" and give ourselves to the music that is 'us'...

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8 May 2008

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Dedicated to anybody who believes in equality of men and women: A short clip on discriminations against women all around the world.

Hilda Hashempour is an Iranian/Canadian actor, producer and director recently residing in United States. She left Iran on 2003 due to religious oppression as a Baha'i.

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