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21 February 2008

Architecture of Unity

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Once upon a time, societies formed and lived around structures and institutions of public welfare and spirituality. Communities clustered around city centers that were comprised of churches, town halls, and other places that brought people together. Much has changed and today our city centers reflect the disunity and disintegration of our inner lives. The edifices that now dominate our infrastructures are buildings that exclude; exclusive boutiques, banks, stock exchanges and real estate that is designed to invite a few, and keep out many. The Baha'i concept of architecture seeks to remedy this division. Baha'i houses of worship are designed to re-claim the center of attention, offer a place of spirituality, comfort and unity. They are temples of the soul that connect peoples of all religious, social and racial backgrounds.

Directed by: Vicente Adorno
Screenplay: Flávio Rassekh and Vicente Adorno
Screenplay consultant: Luiz Henrique Beust
Art director: Flávio Rassekh
Director of Photography and Camera Operator: Valdir Rodrigues de Souza
Off line Editor: Cesar Mellão
Edition Coordinator / Executive Producer: Lina Murano
Production trainees: Lívia Corulli, Mariana Ferreira Gonçalves, Mariana Oliveira
File footage Documentation Department – Father Anchieta Foundation
Documentaries Manager: Pedro Vieira
Head of Network, Expansion and Documentaries: Marco Antonio Coelho Filho
NUDOC/ TV Cultura / Father Anchieta Foundation / São Paulo, Brazil
English Voice Over: Leyla & Ryan Haidarian

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