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30 August 2015


AFRICANS brings you profiles of inspiring people from the African continent!

Brought to you by La Vida Leyla - a youtube channel that is all about living well which is why Leyla share's her life secrets with you in her short series - Leyla's Life Secrets.

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The world is falling apart!
Added: Friday, 4 January 2008

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So last year this time I was in Nairobi, Kenya and life was real good. A year later and there's mayhem. What happened? Are Kenyans instable, unreasonable and incapable of democracy? Is Africa in trouble with all its reports of corruption, crazy dictators and economic instability? And did you think that you, in your cushy home in Vienna, LA, or London are safe from such inexplicable spurts of violence and chaos? And do you think that countries where things 'go wrong' have nothing to do with you? That the people there have problems and issues, which must be solved so we can achieve a peaceful world?

I'd venture to disagree. At the moment, the world is under the illusion that war, crime, corruption, poverty, abuse, inequalities and every other conceivable ill can and must be remedied before the world can come together and peace and stability can be established. Do you agree with that? Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Now I want you to imagine that sound you hear in Jeopardy when the answer is wrong. Because: 'rrrr', it's wrong! The fallacy that most people subscribe to is that all these ills are individual, isolated problems that can be tackled by an NGO, a religious group, a corporate social investment program, community engagement or a government scheme. That's wrong. These ills are nothing but symptoms of a much grander, underlying disease. The disease is disunity amongst the peoples of this world and it affects each and every one of us. Its only remedy is unity.

Consider your own body or your mind. If you're in disequilibrium, that is, if any parts of your body or mind are ailing and in disunity, then you're in an unnatural, unhealthy condition that keeps you ill and weak. You need to bring things back into equilibrium in order to heal. So if you're mind is not at ease, because you've been acting (or thinking) contrary to your principles, then correcting your actions will bring peace. Trust me, I've tried it. It's the unity of your principles with your actions that brings about this peace. The same is true for the body and its health when the unity of its parts is restored. No use trying to get that fever down with foot baths, if you're still feeding the patient poison! The prerequisite of healing all of our societal ills lies in the creation of unity; an honest, sincere, deep and loving unity that renders us one human family and citizens of this world.

And how does that affect you? Well for me it means I have to bring myself to account each day, examine my prejudices (passed down and self-made) and actively work to change them. It means that until I am personally an active agent of unity and love amongst all peoples, nations and religions, I'm contributing, directly or indirectly to the disease that is killing our world and which erupts randomly like a giant sore, such as it is currently doing in Kenya. What I'm talking about is not the cheap, lip-service kind of love and tolerance (I hate the word tolerance) for all the peoples of the earth. It's easy to accept people as noble and equal in theory, but it's a great challenge to live it out. To love, without being hypocritical, people you consider prejudiced, careless, lazy, selfish, primitive, barbaric, violent, offensive, strange, crazy and unreasonable, heathens, ungodly people, fanatically religious people, stupid people, passive difficult. But unless we wake up to the fact that we are one human organism that is ailing from the disease of disunity (=lack of love and cohesion), then we are contributing to the darkness that can take over a nation like Kenya from one day to the next. So even your decision not to invite that 'different' person to your party because it's easier to be amongst your own kind; or that thoughtless, humorous but hostile comment last night at dinner is contributing to the disease. And this I promise you: the side-effects of the disease will, if they haven't already, assuredly spill into your cushy life.

Edmund Burke said, "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". And did you know it, most people are good - they just don't do much to get out of their comfort zone and change this world. Most of us chose to stay 'happy', or numbed, in our "pastime paradise" that Steve Wonder so poignantly sings about. We spend most of our lives in it, blaming others for the chaos and oppression in the world. It's never us – we've got an alibi, we were watching MTV. But that's not enough. We must get up and work hard to spread love with a sin-covering eye, teach our children to love every human being regardless of their outer labels, cease to slander and gossip, look for the gems in others and actively create unity in diversity.

This simple formula is the fundamental cornerstone Baha'u'llah's teachings that are, each and all, intended to heal the ills of this world:

"The wellbeing of mankind, its peace and security, are both unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established".

-I'd like to recommend H.B Danesh's academic work: UNITY, the creative foundation of PEACE

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