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10 August 2007

The Search for Meaning

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China is one of the world's most ancient civilizations and has a great spiritual legacy. The Chinese have always looked at the world holistically, as a physical and spiritual reality. Some of their most defining beliefs are derived from Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, which has made them receptive to the idea that there are many pathways leading to the Divine. Meet actor Philip Hinton as he travels through China and explores inspiring texts on the journey we call life.

Directed, Edited & Produced by: Ryan Haidarian
Edited & Produced by: Leyla Haidarian
Written & Narrated by: Philip Hinton
Executive Produced by: Sean Hinton
Music by: Amal Ma'ani

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To find ourselves we need to lose ourselves
Added: Thursday, 31 May 2007

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Recently everyone I talk to seems to be on a quest to 'finding him or herself'. For example, I had lunch with a friend yesterday who just quit her job, because she wants to find herself. In fact I have several friends who are on a similar quest, looking for identity. They try new jobs, new hobbies, new countries, new partners, always searching for themselves, trying to understand who they are. And sometimes they find answers, but these answers don't seem to satisfy them for long.

I don't blame anyone for looking for the answers within themselves. Our society tells us to do that. Successful people often say, 'you need to have faith in yourself, believe in yourself'. The people we look up to and emulate are people who have created wealth, success and comfort for themselves. They teach us that we're here on this planet to find personal happiness.

My limited experience on this planet has taught me otherwise. I think that if we are really looking for answers, we need to take ourselves out of the equation entirely. I truly think we are our own biggest stumbling block. We keep bumping into ourselves while trying to find ourselves. We're in our own way. The miracles I have witnessed, the greatness I have seen in people has come out when they take themselves out of the equation. When they rid themselves of them 'selves' and become a pure, clean channel for divine assistance, for miracles to happen. It's when they leave behind what they want and think they need that they become heroes. The greatest achievements come from people who are humbled by the greatness that is this creation and all that is therein and see themselves as channels for this greatness to flow through. People who become part of the greatness leave their own selfish desires behind. Those people live life every moment to its fullest. They aren't lost in the basement of self, looking for themselves. They have found their higher purpose.

I think that the less of 'me' there is, the more divine light will shine through in this world. And I believe that the reason why religion and politics have a bad reputation all over the world is because religious and political leaders are full of themselves and promote their own interests and those of a select few. This is fundamentally flawed as creation is one and good can only come from unity. Our purpose should not be to create personal happiness. It doesn't last anyway. There is no bottom to self and desire, that cup can never be filled. If we make this life about service to others however, then will we begin to feel the light of true joy.Our only enemy in this world, the only real devil, is 'self.'

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