A fine line
Added: Tuesday, 9 December 2008

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Birth and death seem like opposites and yet are they? A new life is born and to be born, it must die to another world. A baby dies to the womb and is born to this world. And how traumatic that experience may seem.

A child suddenly finds itself being pushed, thrust, heaved and lugged around by the very muscles that cushioned him for so long. At first, the contractions appear to stop and there is hope that they may go away. But soon they become more and more intense and eventually all hope of escaping them gives way to acquiescence.

Having no way of remaining in the comfort zone he's come to know the child has to fight his way forward into a new world, full of light and sound and air. A world with new dimensions and stimuli; a world he must learn to navigate, with senses yet undiscovered.

It's a miracle really. For us, who we stand around and observe, knowing that the baby will be born into our love and safety, it is a wonderful experience. But for the baby it may be scary and unknown. He doesn't know what to expect. And who can really relieve his stress? And who would want to? They are a necessary part of his growth to ensure his arrival into this world.

But oh how different we feel when someone is old and stands at the threshold to what we call death from our perspective. We think their life is coming to an end and we don't see their struggle as labour pain. We look it as a burden or an unnecessary evil. We see it as a cruel, undignified ending to a life that was challenging enough. The Alzheimers, the Parkinsons, the dementia, or even the subtler, nameless contractions of our grannies and grandpas; their endless repetitions of stories, their attempts at transferring to us their wisdoms, their nagging and complaining, their nightmares and panic attacks – are they necessary?

Maybe they are. Maybe they're a part of letting go and moving on, because once the contractions become that violent, it gets easier to just surrender and move forward...

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22 February 2008

Mother's Crown

Mother's Crown delves into the eccentricity and spirituality of a 74 year-old Indian-Australian sculptor captivated by the beauty of motherhood. This observational documentary draws a parallel between motherhood and the artistic process as forms of creativity and inspiration.

Director/Writer: Misagh Habibi
Music: Todd McNeal
DOP/Editor: Misagh Habibi

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